Fancy Cars 'Set Me On Fire'

I love a good mystery, and well-known artists operating under pseudonyms to live out their alter egos in the humble comfort of anonymity are no exception. Today’s food for thought comes from FANCY CARS – a side project spearheaded by an alleged veteran electronic producer. The Italian-born Canada-based artist has been slow burning over the past few months, quietly releasing tracks whilst remaining totally nameless.

The pulsing ‘Alone’ featured social media star Kirsten Collins, and ‘I’ll Follow’ took an airy turn with ambient singer SVRCINA; now Fancy Cars presents a smooth track featuring vocalist Brandon Hall.

‘Set Me On Fire’ is the latest feather in the producer’s cap. The future bass number sits nicely in the current electronic music landscape, laden with oozing synths and clever pop sensibilities scattered throughout. Brandon Hall’s passionate vocals carry the song through with ease and highlight the impeccable production that could only come from a seasoned pro. Plus it’s just insanely catchy.

Whilst we’re not quite sure when we’ll hear from Fancy Cars next, at least we have this uplifting number to hit repeat on for now.

‘Set Me On Fire’ is the fourth track by Fancy Cars, and is out now via Majestic Casual Records.