Elki 'Golden Age'

First there was Kate Bush. Then came Regina Spektor. Now we’ve got ELKI.

Elki comes to us reminiscent of those quirky artists whose novelty never outshines their raw creativity and talent. The artists whose work tells a story and means every word of it. The artists who write clever (and often complex) melodies supported with dynamic vocals. This Sydney songstress might only have three songs to her name but we can already hear a signature of theatrical pop sensibilities written all over her work.

Intriguingly, a new piece of Elki is revealed in each release. ‘Golden Age’ peels back layers of playful arrangements and heavenly vocals to show a brooding undertone. The two opposites bounce back and forth but in a way that evokes drama not confusion. Everything from the self-harmonising to the strong keys backbone is executed with an otherworldly precision. Not surprising when the singer would record and re-record the same demo over and over with slight changes in an attempt to get the perfect take!

‘Golden Age’ is polished off with expressive vocals that dip and soar to compliment the story. Elki’s voice is a powerhouse during the chorus, particularly while self-harmonising. However, around the two-and-a-half minute mark there’s a quiet moment of beauty as they become sheer and angelic. This is one artist whose versatility and natural talent stands tall, so we can without a doubt expect to see Elki rise over the next 12 months.