If you like indie pop with a lick of surf rock then you’re in for a good time with these boys! Introducing Tundra, not just your average Australian band.

Radiating warmth and good vibes on their EP Tender Thoughts, Brisbane’s Tundra is sure to make you smile with their bright surf rock.

The striking thing about this Brisbane four-piece is the vibrancy that resonates through every song. Nothing compares to first listening to a band that jumps out of the speakers and commands attention in all the right ways, and this is one case where it’s almost impossible to stop listening.

Since their beginning in 2012, Tundra has mastered the art of taking classic indie pop rhythms and reinventing them with intricate melodies. The result is a seriously addictive blend of home-grown talent with universal summertime tunes.

Their recently released EP Tender Thoughts is a collection of everything the band does best: upbeat rhythms, perfectly mastered with infectious lyrics. It features six tracks which wave through slightly math-pop verses to melodic interludes and various opportunities for oh-wa-ohhh-hh sing-a-longs.

I like to think of this EP as just one giant sun, radiating warmth to each and every listener. It’s nearly impossible to be unhappy whilst hearing a band with as much charisma and genuineness to their song writing as I feel the members of Tundra – Rohan Kindt, Tom Beh, Rob Lee and Joel Clish – have.

I also have a feeling these sweet sounds would be even better live and if there was a way I could nudge and wink at the boys, hinting they should play in Sydney soon, that’s what I would be doing right now…

Tender Thoughts was released on September 16 and is available for download on Tundra’s bandcamp page now! And just as an added note, Tundra has one of the most entertaining band Facebook pages of all time. Definitely worth liking.

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