Soviet X-Ray Record Club 'Never Enough'

One harsh but true reality of life is that sometimes things just don’t cut it. In relationships, more often than not, there is one person who gives a little too much and one person who takes a little too much. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it’s never enough. There are many upbeat, heartfelt and lovey-dovey songs featured on Happy; this, however, is not one of them.

Join the Soviet X-Ray Record Club, an exclusive gang of surf goths who make music as miserable as you’d expect from Brisbane shoegazers.

Never Enough is the latest release from post-punk outfit Soviet X-Ray Record Club, who embody the odd but interesting genre where surf rock meets a morose gothic tone. This track is four and a half minutes of intensity and passion as the band strides through the first verse, building momentum.

The song starts off as if you have just stepped into an ice cold lake at night and are wading through the reeds, or if you were starring in an action movie and a montage of you on the hunt for the killer was happening. Basically, the song begins with a slight on-edge feeling, featuring a striking beat and guitar tones which give a beautifully ambient quality.

With lyrics detailing ‘all I had was never enough’ and ‘bitter heart since you said goodbye,’ we are reminded of the angst and bitterness that comes with relationships. Soviet X-Ray Record Club have created a song which is true and emotional without being whiny, and have formed it in a repetitive way that doesn’t drag on.

The final verse finds a climax; after a few minutes of built up tension, vocalist, Steven Appleton, launches into a sultry ‘aaah sha-sugar, sha-sugar.’ Does it make sense? No. Does it sound great? Absolutely. Never Enough finishes in full circle with the same striking beat that lingers after the melody is complete. Overall I found it emotionally draining but weirdly enjoyable…

Never Enough is the b-side to Soviet X-Ray Record Club’s upcoming single, Good Things [I Only Think Of], set to be released on August 25.

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