Love Signs 'Wish At Home'

Once upon a time there was a quaint band called Johnny and The Fembots. Despite being founded in 2012, their sound was vaguely reminiscent of 1960’s pop, encapsulating similar twangy guitar riffs and sky high vocals. The seven-piece played their local scene in Brisbane, released a few sweet tracks and generally spread their perfectly harmonised, nostalgic music across the land. Two years later and the group are on hiatus, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

More sweet indie tunes from Brizzy, this time in the form of the lovely Love Signs.

Flash forward to 2014… Tumblr? Check. Quirky typeface of band name plastered on a suburban landscape photo? Check. Haunting sound that linger even after the song is finished? Check, again. Introducing Love Signs, the latest project from Fembot member Izzy Mellor. Mellor stars in the band with soaring vocals and her guitar, joined by Liam Campbell on drums and Emma Caskey on bass and additional vocals. Love Signs would have a typical indie pop sound, if every other band slowed down their songs by 30 per cent.

Their first single Wish At Home is hauntingly beautiful. Yes it’s slow and melodic (maybe even a bit dreary), but in a good way where you can listen and feel like you are floating on a cloud miles away, only to discover three minutes later you’re at home still and have missed your bus – that kind of hypnotic sound.

Vocally, this song is superior. Mellor shows a strong control over her voice – particularly during moments of falsetto, that rivals even the most classically trained. However, she remains delicate and ethereal in a way that is perfectly suited to the overall billowing sound of the single. The rhythm is supportive of the vocals, harmonies synonymize with each other and chorus is catchy as hell.

The trio are yet to announce upcoming shows after Thursday’s support slot for Jesse Davidson, but in the meantime you can keep updated with all things Love Signs on their Facebook and Tumblr accounts. And don’t forget to catch their new single Wish at Home, available for free download on Triple J Unearthed!

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