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Mark Ronson

“Everything from Bang Bang Bang to Uptown Funk to Somebody To Love Me started with a bassline or a groove, whereas this time the songs really started with a sentiment.”

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Ceres (Tom Lanyon)

“I think it wouldn’t hurt if there’s a little more positivity out there. This male ‘woe is me; this girl doesn’t love me’ has been done to death. Like far out how many fucking records are there about [that]. I didn’t want to put that out there, and I don’t want to be part of it anymore.”

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Dear Seattle

“I had this overwhelming feeling that you have to choose what you want to give energy to, the positives or the negatives, and that dictates how you experience your life.”

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City and Colour (Dallas Green)

“I’ve been an independent artist my whole life. I’ve always loved that it seems to be more about the music than anything else, and it always seems to be the songs that find people, not the big machine shoving it in people’s faces.”

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Courtney Barnett

“I’ve always tried to give my heart to situations and to people to see what happens. I met lots of amazing people, other musicians, and people every now and then giving you some sort of break that gives you an opportunity.”

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White Lung