triple j Unearthed Newsletter - 6.9.18

The Rubens champion their fave acts on Unearthed  

Sam and Elliot from The Rubens stopped by to talk us through a bunch of acts from Unearthed that they can’t get enough of. You’ll hear about their hometown favourite, disastrous tour stories, and a whole bunch of sweet, sweet tunes.

Take a listen, why don't you?   

Feast your eyes on the Unearthed BIGSOUND showcase

We threw a huge party in Brisbane this week and invited all our friends. SO many friends. Kwame, Moaning Lisa, Slowly Slowly - the whole gang was there. Maybe you want to take a look at me with all my friends?

Take a looksie   

Hey, have you met Austen?

Austen is our BIGSOUND comp winner and we’re featuring her glistening, sophisticated pop all week long. Take our word for it, if you’re a fan of Nicole Millar or CHVRCHES, Austen will 100% be your cup of tea.

Say hi!   

Last chance to jump on the Yours & Owls line-up

Time to hustle! We’re throwing one act from the Illawarra or South Coast region of NSW on the Yours & Owls bill to join the likes of Alison Wonderland, Peking Duk and Angus & Julia Stone. Entries close this weekend, so don’t be waiting around.   

Get on it   

Added to Unearthed Radio

Alright, alright, alright. OKAY I GET IT. I know it’s hard finding nice jeans but no need to get all sooky about it. Go back in and try on the blue ones. Wait no. Maybe black? Look, it could be worse. What about the green ones? Green has ALWAYS been your colour. Ah yes, the ~perfect fit~ we should’ve known. You were born to wear those pants. Now go! Go out into the world and strut your stuff, ya big fancy pants! Lucky for you, I’ve got a big ol’ playlist of fresh tracks made for this.

Struttin’ songs