“…what I want people to take from it is I, as a pop artist, am saying that it’s not a shameful thing to have been abused or to have made a mistake.”

accepting flaws & finding therapy: inside montaigne’s complex


“I always grew up feeling like I’d been underestimated and a bit of a doormat, so having that song is really cathartic for me, it’s just like you totally misunderstood me, don’t think that I can be fucked with; I’m tougher than you think.”

no apologies: the feverish fierceness of waax


“I’ve wanted to tell this story for quite a long time - it’s made up most of my life and the person I am – but I just never knew how to do it.”

northlane’s marcus bridge grew up in hell - now, he’s on top


“Everything from Bang Bang Bang to Uptown Funk to Somebody To Love Me started with a bassline or a groove - this time the songs started with a sentiment.”

mark ronson, club king and pop prince, talks late night feelings & the collabs that define it


“In 1967, Aboriginal people were not recognised as human beings, they were recognised as flora and fauna. That's my dad. When my dad was born, he wasn't recognised as a human being by White Australia. That's really fucked up.”

Love & War: How Thelma Plum found therapy in Better In Blak


“I’ve been really lucky in that the music I’ve put out in the past has sort of been labelled with the term ‘being relatable’, but I don’t know if that’s the case. I think people have more empathy than they give themselves credit for having.”

meet alex lahey’s not-so-secret society, the best of luck club

alex lahey.jpg

“…two albums later and armed with a renewed need for almost “imperfect” moments full of charm, Local Natives are pushing back into that same raw territory with Violet Street, one that gripping you with soul rather than just sound.”

in 2019, local natives are reinventing themselves

local natives.jpg

“This unsuspecting breath, fuelled by both immediacy and intimacy, pushes aside years of sadness, hopelessness and deeply-entrenched disdain for the world in one foul swoop.”

happiness, positivity & vulnerability: the blossoming of ceres


“…they tap into sectors of our lives as misfit millennials – love and heartache, self-destruction and self-reflection, growing up and staying hopeful – and make them seem less isolating.”

from q bar to domestic la la: the definitive story of dear seattle

dear seattle.jpg

“…pushing necessary dialogue to the public forefront in a way that’s gentle at face value but roars so loudly.”

fear, feminism and female masturbation: a conversation with stella donnelly


“…an instant classic, weaving familiar folk melodies with a modern outlook on life, death, love and the overarching human experience.”

dallas green and the everlasting magic of city and colour

city and colour.jpg

“…a bubbling caldron of psychedelic soul, fused with old-school hip-hop production and smatterings of whimsical yet defiant introspection.”

inside the jungle paradise of matt cobry’s new album, rainbow valley

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“It was genuinely distressing but I wanted to be there. That was the honest thing that needed to be captured.”

how loss and heartache led to parkway drive’s greatest triumph


“It questions where hatred begins, preaches strength in vulnerability, and dances over the infamous Carrie Fisher line of turning pain into beautiful art.”

talking vulnerability, ‘hopefulessness’ and the diy pathway with courtney barnett

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